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Real Estate

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Experience matters, whether you are closing on your first home, purchasing a commercial building, leasing a property or developing a subdivision. To speak with a real estate attorney, please contact Hill Smith, John Holt, Renee Oliveto, Chuck Stafford or JD Sears.

Types of Transactions

Our real estate practice encompasses all areas and types of commercial and residential real estate transactions. The practice includes the closing of residential loans, commercial loans and construction loans, residential and commercial leasing, representation of buyers and sellers at closings, contract preparation and review, homeowner's and condominium owner's association formations, subdivision formation and restrictions and 1031 exchanges. Our firm is an agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company and writes owner, lender and leasehold title insurance policies.


For Developers

The firm represents developers of all types of commercial and residential real estate projects, including single family homes and subdivisions, condominiums, shopping centers and strip malls. We assist commercial and residential clients in the preparation and negotiation of loan documents (including loan commitments, loan agreements, security deeds, assignments, affidavits and other instruments). We also review and approve surveys and handle title insurance and title clearance matters. Our practice includes real property taxation matters, including ad valorem tax assessment and valuation appeals, claims for refund of taxes paid and applications for exemptions and covenants, such as homestead, conservation uses assessments and preferential agricultural assessments.

The Process

At Alexander & Vann, LLP, each attorney handles a real estate transaction through the entire pre-closing, title examination, closing, and post-closing process. All closings are conducted in a relaxed setting and are both informative and service oriented. This personal attention insures that each client's transaction closes in an efficient and timely manner and that the client is comfortable with the closing process.

Signing a Contract
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A personal, kind attention to detail ensures you receive the best legal services.

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